"I suddenly lost my father right after graduating from college. After his death, my mother, who already struggled with addiction, went into a tailspin which lead to her untimely death as well. I came to Caroline for grief counseling just weeks after my mom died and continued seeing her weekly, then monthly, for over a year.  It was my first counseling experience, and I wasn't sure what to expect. I thought it might be uncomfortable to share intimately with a relative stranger. Caroline's warmth and sincerity made me feel comfortable immediately. She provided a safe space for me to share the complicated feelings and thoughts I was having without judgement. She challenged me to do and talk about things that were difficult but important, and encouraged and affirmed my efforts to grieve authentically and be good to myself. She helped me to take risks and be more connected and genuine with friends and family. She walked me through the process of sharing my life and my grief with the people who matter most to me. I went to Caroline for grief counseling just hoping to make it through and be okay, but through this process I have found much more: a greater sense of myself, a deeper sense of peace with my past, and more intimacy and joy in my life and relationships."

"Working with Caroline in personal therapy has been a huge benefit in my healing journey and growth. I had been introduced to Caroline through a workshop she led called "Healthy Helpers". It was designed to provide support to those working in a helping field, and it was during this workshop that I felt the genuine support and place of 'rest' that I needed in order to work even further into my own personal healing journey."

"Working with Caroline helped enlighten me to process and recover from some of the deeper and not so readily talked about areas of my life in a safe and genuine way. Her authentic care and presence have been a pivotal part of my healing and growth."

"I was recommended to Caroline through some friends and feel so blessed to have found her at a time when I really needed her.  Both in group and individual therapy, I felt like she did everything to work with me individually to meet me right where I was.  I felt as though she always understood and empathized in such a genuine way.  She is extremely caring and also challenged me when I needed to be challenged.  I'm truly grately for my time with her."

"Caroline is an absolute blessing and complete game changer in my life. Not only is she remarkably talented in the work she does, but meets people where they are at in some of the most profound and meaningful ways. After working with Caroline in a group therapy context as well as for individual work, I was blown away by her ability to connect, understand and graciously challenge me as I processed through some of my toughest past and present seasons. She has a remarkable way of giving people a gift of understanding and powerful grace that has been ridiculously healing to me and so many others who I know see her as well. She is the perfect blend of challenge and grace. Throughout my time with Caroline, I regularly am reminded of what a blessing it is to feel fully seen and fully accepted and could not be more grateful for the time I have with her. Not only has she been a supporter, but she has profoundly impacted the way I view myself, the way I set boundaries and the hopefulness I have for my future. She is truly one in a million."