Individual Therapy:
In honoring and exploring your personal story, I provide the tools and support needed to reach your uniquely crafted and typically self determined goals.  It is very powerful to process through traumas in a safe and supportive environment. To confront feelings of loss and grief with someone who cares and can lead you to paths of healing and wholeness can be truly life changing.

Group Therapy:
The unique dynamics of a supportive group of people can offer is profoundly beneficial. I offer group sessions for MFT students who desire to be the healthiest versions of themselves; stress reduction groups for those who struggle with anxiety; and groups for those who long to find contentment with what feels like long or intense seasons of discontent in regards to their marital status.

Family and Couples Therapy:  
Dysfunctional behavioral patterns can be positively impacted when we provide the space for a non-biased third party to be involved in our struggles. I have found it powerful to come alongside family units and couples in providing them the space needed to resolve emotional traumas or wounds to relational bonds.      

My standard rate for individual, family and couples therapy is $140 per session. I do provide a sliding scale rate when need be. I have certain times and days set aside for special student rates. Groups can range from $25-$60 per session.

I am not currently on insurance panels and am considered an out of network provider for therapy.  I provide some of my clients when requested with Superbills for insurance reimbursement.