Since 2006, I've had incredible opportunities to work in a variety of therapeutic settings, including inpatient treatment as a psychiatric social worker, on-campus with middle and high school children, as a group facilitator at a holistic treatment center, and as a team member within a dynamic therapy practice. Throughout these chapters of life, I gained the seasoning and experience needed to support people struggling with:

  • Depression, Anxiety and Stress Management
  • Traumatic Memories and Recovery from Abuse
  • Chemical Dependency  and Co-Dependency 
  • Life Transitions and Career Counseling 
  • Finding Fulfillment in Current Relationships Status
  • Grieving the Loss of a Loved One
  • Balancing Life as a Student in a Helping Profession
  • Prevention of Burnout in Therapists

I understand how painful it can be to live with the feelings of loss or unmet desires; to deal with unhealthy habits or debilitating fears; to struggle and feel like you’re hanging by a string. It's the hope in us which propels us to take the next small step. When we're ready, being met by someone who is trustworthy, supportive, and competent can greatly lighten the intensity of our personal challenges.  

I uniquely meet you where you are with a nonjudgemental stance. I believe it's important to take time sorting through how your past impacts your life today in hopes of gaining insight. From this insight comes catharsis and emotional release.

Through reminding ourselves of our goals (reason for therapy), connecting deeply to our all-too-often buried pain, identifying and reconstructing unhelpful beliefs, and engaging in action-oriented, stress reducing, courageous and healing activities, our lives begin to change. From my perspective, supporting the people I work with in this way is incredibly sacred and deeply humbling.

Ask yourself today: "What is my goal? To learn self-expression? To experience freedom from unhealthy habits? To honor my losses? To feel contentment? To find relief from anxiety and depression? To achieve my dreams? To find support in putting words to your desires?" Wherever you find yourself along this line, it would be a gift to guide and support you through this - potentially messy, but - truly gorgeous process. 

A bit about me:
Originally from the Bay Area, I was raised in the midst of richness in landscape, close-knit family bonds, and glorious cultural diversity. Both sets of grandparents lived in the same neighborhood and both ran local businesses. My love for people came from watching my family serve their customers with sometimes imperfect yet impeccable care. I am deeply grateful for those early life lessons of transformative grace.

My father taught my three siblings and me to appreciate and learn from one another's differences and embrace other's individualism with curiosity. Some of my fondest childhood memories are our frequent trips to Chinatown for dim sum and Mandarin language immersion. When my siblings and I recall those times, we laugh and reflect on how we were raised in not only our authentic American-Irish and American-Swiss cultures, but with a hefty dose of the Chinese culture as well. Quite a visual melting pot! 

I moved to San Diego to attend college in the late 90's and fell in love with the So Cal lifestyle. Some things I like to do: outdoor recreational activities like running or riding my bike along the coast; spending time with family and friends; music concerts; stopping to smell the roses (literally!); crafting (occasionally); Italian coffee; international travel; reading; liturgy; and the central coast of California.

Master of Arts in Counseling and Psychology, Southern California Seminary, June 2006
Master of Arts in Religious Studies, Southern California Seminary, December 2006
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, San Diego State University, June 2001

Licensing, Associations and Affiliations
Licensed by the Board of Behavioral Sciences in California as a Marriage and Family Therapist #MFC51477 April 2012
Board of Behavioral Sciences in California approved Clinical Supervisor for MFT interns and trainees since April 2014
Member of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT) since 2006